Lemon Poppyseed Muffin in a Mug – with True Lemon

Some years back, I discovered a chocolate “cake in a cup” recipe online to make a one-serving (or two, if you have a friend handy) instant cake in the microwave. Chocolate cake in a cup (I use a variation on this recipe and add chocolate/peanut butter “frosting”) was SOOO good, that for the longest time I could see no reason to pursue any other cake-in-a-cup flavor. After all, when chocolate cake is constantly, instantly, available, why would I ever eat any other flavor of cake?

But recently, I was again lamenting the local unavailability of lemon poppyseed muffins. In days of olde, I lived near a grocery store that made delicious, lemony, poppyseed muffins, Continue reading

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Step By Step – Our process in learning and teaching Salat

Part of the Teaching Your Child Salat series

As I  mentioned in a previous post, the summer he was five I taught my son how to pray salat. As I’d never done this before, and I myself had learned to pray as an adult, I thought it might be helpful to explain how I went about it. I didn’t really have any example to follow since I do not live around many other muslims and even fewer with children, most of whom hadn’t learned salat yet, so I didn’t really have many people to talk to about it with. Nor could I find much about it online, so I came up with my own plan.

Continue reading

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Salat Learning Resources

Part of the Teaching Your Child Salat series

I looked online for some guides that talk through the salat in order to teach my son all the steps, but I didn’t find the resources completely satisfactory. Continue reading

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Overcoming Obstacles to Teaching Your Child Salat

Part of the Teaching Your Child Salat series

One of the questions that had come to my mind before I ever embarked on this was, how can I  possibly teach my son salat? I’ve never taught anyone salat. I don’t speak very much Arabic and my pronunciation isn’t very good. I don’t have very many surahs memorized. Is it even allowed for me to lead my son in prayer? Where do I stand and where does he stand? I’ve never seen anyone teach a kid salat. Do they just pick it up on their own?  Continue reading

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How to Teach Your Child Salat

The “Teaching Your Child Salat” series:

I’ve made a collection of posts about our own process that I used to teach my son salat, in hopes that it may help others as well. Continue reading

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