The experience of being tagged

I have been “tagged” for the first time, which means I am supposed to answer a list of questions and then pass it on :). It’s slightly reminiscent of chain letters… I’m old enough to remember getting those in a postcard, where you were instructed to actually find 7 (or 10 or whatever) other postcards, copy the message (yes, by hand), stamp, address, and mail to other people to keep them going. In actual mailboxes on paper. Of course, those also included dire threats of what would happen if you didn’t pass them on like getting run over by a bulldozer :). I never “forwarded” any of these chain letters, though I can’t claim that the dire threats didn’t come true because I don’t remember what most of them actually were. Being tagged is much nicer. I don’t have to buy postal supplies, and there isn’t any threat. Also, it’s about me and it means someone else was thinking about me. And I have a peculiar compulsion to complete quizzes of any kind :P. When I was a kid, I even used to fill out those consumer questionnaires about what type of groceries were purchased in the household… for fun. And, I like lists of anything too.

So here goes it.

Unfortunately, I don’t really categorize most things in my mind according to “favorite,” so I’ve rewritten this slightly. These were originally all “favorites” in the list. Feel free to repost yourself whether tagged or not, and you can do what I did, or you can put your favorite, or your least favorite, or your second-most-favorite (which would really leave us guessing).

Colors of note: Purple, deep jewel tone shades of things like green, blue, red, etc. I’m told they don’t look good on me, but I’ve decided I don’t really care.
Perfume: I don’t wear perfume, but I love the smell of musk more than most actual perfumes. And certain flowers, sometimes. Also, dried fir needles. That’s one of the best.
Pajamas: Varies. Right now I have a very soft robe from Soft Surroundings, which I like a lot for two reasons: it’s long (they have long sizes, which are puzzlingly hard to find in robes) and it’s very soft and cozy. The downside is, it’s not absorbent, so you can’t put it on over nothing out of the shower, but it’s so soft I’ve pretty much abandoned my functional robe in favor of it. My other pajamas have been likened to clown suits by those exposed to them. I say, they’re comfortable.
Clothing Brand: I don’t buy things by brand generally, but I like a lot of SHUKR clothing, because it’s durable and they have a lot of all cotton stuff that holds up to hard work and doesn’t snag if you kneel in it outside or something.
Person: My son is the most prominent person in my life right now, my life pretty much resolves around him :). Kind of by necessity though, too, at his young age.
Country: I dunno how you have a favorite country… sometimes it seems like people get very much obsessed with a certain country and how it’s “better” than the others. Honestly, I think most of them have problems. I live in the US, and it has benefits and drawbacks, but I probably will not move anywhere else, though I’d love to visit. I basically operate as an alien visitor on this globe, generally baffled by most of the human inhabitants. My favorite countries are imaginary 🙂 pretty much any imaginary country really. Oz, Middle Earth, The World Of Two Moons, etc. Alternative views of Earth also qualify of course, such as the Wizarding World and the sort of land “Girl Genius” takes place in :P.
Car: I like my current car, on which I recently fixed an annoying leak (as you may know if you follow me on Facebook! :)). It does seem to be having a lot of issues though… and I still don’t know what in the world that leaky part actually is called. I still think fondly and sadly of my first car. One of my only regrets. Maybe my only regret.
Sport: I’m not really into sports. I like horseback riding though. And I have a black belt.
Sport Player: I can’t think of a single one. In terms of most sports, watching them is even more tedious than playing them. (I like playing other things like board games, I guess mainly I don’t like being part of a “team.” I lack team spirit.)
Place in America: In the woods in the valley where I grew up. Or, on the Washington coast.
Animal: Cats and horses are two of my favorites, but I pretty much like all animals with the exception of some humans. There is no room for a horse at my apartment, so it’s the former right now :).
Movies: I like a lot of movies, but I don’t really have a “favorite.” The last one I saw was depressing and I can’t think of any others off the top of my head, though I do enjoy watching them at times. The last thing that I watched and enjoyed was a TV show, Doc Martin. It’s hilarious :). I identify with the doctor, of course :).
Singer: I like a huge variety of singers and songs. Probably the longest lasting on my list and of whom I like the most songs is Bob Marley. But I like a wide variety of music. Some lovely voices that come to mind: Joan Armatrading, Joan Baez, Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam.
Day of the Week: Saturday, though I tend to sort of waste them lately by trying to catch up on sleep and then trying to catch up on errands.
Time of Day: Night. Me time. I eat junk food and do nothing very productive, unless I’m involved in some manic project which keeps me super productive but at extremely late hours :P. And I’m actually awake mentally at night, unlike practically all other times of day. I really, really, really miss going for walks at night too.
Number: I like all the numbers, so I’ll just list their colors for clarity. 0 – white. 1- black. 2- pink. 3 – green. 4 – blue. 5- orange. 6- red. 7 – yellow. 8 dark green. 9 deep red.
Foods: Chocolate, cheese, milk, bread, coffee or tea (both with milk and sugar of course).
Best chocolate: I have rarely met a chocolate I didn’t like. Except when people try to flavor them with flower flavors like lavender. That’s just wrong. I especially like those chocolate oranges that are also shaped like an orange (Terry’s. Beware all imitators).
Cartoons: In terms of movies, I enjoy many, especially those by Miyazaki. I also like reading a lot of comic books. I bought some comic books today.
Bloggers: Of course I love you all equally :P. Anyway I have a partial list of “stops” at the side of my page, which I update occasionally after I’ve been reading somebody for a while. I’ve recently started following some new favorites as well! 🙂
Ice cream: I’m willing to try different kinds but it’s really got to have chocolate in there somewhere for me to purchase it. When I was a kid, I always got blue, because I liked blue food. Blue food is rare, so I sought it out when possible. But the sad truth is since blue food is usually also artificially colored, it really doesn’t taste very good.
Mobile/Cell phone. Um. I do not really have any loyalty here to brands, as in other areas of life. My current phone is a Samsung, and I bought it because it was advertised to be extremely durable and my phones usually meet with very sad fates. I’m very clumsy and I drop them a lot, or step on them. The last model of this type was cracked and then put to death by my son at a younger age, so I got the newer “version” which doesn’t seem to be as durable, but the older one was no longer available. Later, I got a used version of the older one which I intend to switch to when this disintegrates. I also like the older one because it was more customizable. It’s a flip phone, I like these because they actually reach from my mouth to my ear which helps since I both can’t hear very well in situations with other noise going on in the background, and apparently I mumble on the phone. I don’t have a touch screen and am not looking forward to the day when I’ll probably be forced to “upgrade” to one, but maybe by then the technology will have improved so it can tell my fingers are alive. There’s still the “greasy screen” issue with touch pads though too.
Names: I like the name Aisha a lot, primarily because of the song “Aisha,” I think. Name likability depends on many factors though.
Hobbies: Reading, writing, making things. I like to do artistic/creative stuff, but rarely have time for it these days. It takes about 4 days off work before my brain starts working creatively again, and when I do creative things I don’t like to stop for activities like sleeping, working, or interacting with people (eating is okay because I can do that while doing other things, if I remember). So, that is a bit of a drawback. Maybe someday I won’t have to work a regular job and I will be able to indulge again and I’ll make something amazing. Of course, that probably would require both older children and someone else to support me who can tolerate such habits, so a more attainable goal is learning to live without sleep.
Preferred room: The living room, I guess. The whole apartment is pretty much at my command though, and it’s not very big.
Fruit: I have to have bananas. Pomegranates are very decadent for special treats. Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, of course, are indispensable in season. And if you can get a good one there is really nothing as exquisite as a peach… I haven’t had a good one in a long time though. There seems to have been a plague of mushy peaches these last few years. I heard there was this kind of fly that gets into fruit and then the outside still looks nice but the inside is all mushy. It’s not a nice thought when you bite into a perfect-looking mushy peach that the interior may have been pre-digested for fly larvae.
Flower: Lilacs (one of my favorite scents also). Anything else that smells nice, especially certain perfumed rhododendrons, sweet william, and peculiarly, bearded iris (which doesn’t actually smell “nice” but it has a very distinctive smell that always reminds me of when I was a kid, and it was endless May, and I would play that these flowers were tiny thrones, and the afternoons actually lasted practically forever).
Qur’an reciter: No idea really (though, I don’t really care for some of those recitations by children). Suggestions?
Favorite Ayah in the Qur’an: Right now it’s: “So verily, with every difficulty, there is relief. With every difficulty, there is relief.”

I was tagged by… ba dum dum: Noor in the north! So of course check out her blog. I’m going to “tag” Happily Hijabed (who Imaani also tagged, otherwise I’d be tagging Imaani too), A Muslimah WritesDiary of a Muslim Feminist and Midnight MamaAnd anybody who comments here! 🙂


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6 Responses to The experience of being tagged

  1. kaymillaz says:

    I loved reading this! I used to like a blue icecream when I was a kid too 😛 I think it was called “super kid” or something silly, hehe.

    • qatheworld says:

      Nowadays it usually seems to be “blue raspberry” (whatever that is, I’ve never seen a raspberry that’s actually blue) but when I was a kid, it didn’t even matter what flavor it was, if it was blue I was getting it 😀 A lot of different ice cream places had some kind of blue flavor of one type or another (at least one was bubblegum, which didn’t taste great but I persevered). If they were out of blue I would get mint chocolate chip. I also chose “blue” as the flavor for any type of dessert at home that I had input into 😛 (blue cake, blue frosting, etc… lots of food coloring involved). Now, I pick food I actually like the taste of lol 😛 but I still like the idea of elusive blue things.

  2. imaanii says:

    This was really nice, thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s nice to get to know you better. I have the same thing with lists and forms, I love to fill out forms. Salaam 🙂

    • qatheworld says:

      I used to just fill out internet quizzes and post them online constantly until realizing that people don’t usually want to read this 😛 lol things like “what kind of evil rabbit are you”. Now, I just realized reading your comment, I work with forms at my job. I still love quizzes though 😛

  3. ashrubhaleeb says:

    awww. . . you tagged me. I did do this one a few days ago. . .but my answers were far more bland than yours :-).

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