Poll Without Hook

My son’s current favorite toy is called “Pole with Hook.” We got it in the bargain bin at Ikea for about 3 dollars. It is a clear plastic pole about 3 feet long with a grey hook on the end, and it came with a sticker with that description on it (“Pole with Hook, Grey,” but we drop the “Grey” part at home since it’s the only one). It is unclear what the original purpose of the pole was, though it has proved to have many uses. My son’s initial justification for getting it was that we could use it to poke bad monsters.

On a related note, here’s a poll without a hook. Help direct the craziness 🙂 (aka QAziness)


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I review various and sundry items of life, thereby helping you to seek out positive new experiences and escape the less savory. I also perform a quality review of the other issues encountered in my general life.
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4 Responses to Poll Without Hook

  1. Tracy says:

    Awwwwwwwww no one left a comment! I thought this was too cute! I wish my son was so easily amused….those were the days!

    • qatheworld says:

      Lol… yes I discovered the “poll” feature on wordpress 😀 Apparently not everybody likes filling out questionnaires like I do! The actual pole with hook is still going strong. Useful for getting things out from under the couch as well. He also pretends it’s a “switch track” in the hallway (though I try to discourage it being left on the floor because I know I’m going to trip on it).

      • Tracy says:

        HAHAHA! Switch track, that is soooooooo funny! He sounds positively adorable! And very creative 😀 I used to be so addicted to poll things and silly ‘quizzes’ on the net. I’m not sure why…hmmm. Oh well. I vote for more of everything mwahaha coz Im greedy like that 😛

        Oh I took your advice and my blog is not an all encompassing whatever I feel like talking about blog hehe. Hopefully someone will be amused by it. I also added you as a favorite website as a thank you 😀 loveeeee your blog *virtual hug*

      • qatheworld says:

        Well thank you 😀 I followed your blog. I like your logo design at the top, it’s new isn’t it? I also like doing quizzes and stuff compulsively 😛 and of course you may find that you’re better at “whatever you feel like talking about” than I am, I really tend to blather on when I have what I perceive as a willing audience 😉 lol

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