Noor Kids Giveaway – Enter To Win A FREE “Noor Kids: A Light For Little Muslims” Book!

Update: The deadline to enter this giveaway was Thursday, April 4th, 11:59pm PST. The contest is now closed!  Thank you all so much for your participation. 

The brilliant team at Noor Kids has generously offered to do a giveaway in cahoots with me 😀 I am really excited about this giveaway as the Noor Kids series is an AMAZING Islamic activity book/comic book series for “little muslims.” Everybody should have it! If you have never heard of Noor Kids, please read my review (I’m a subscriber on behalf of my son) and/or check out their website


On to the free stuff!  To enter to win a FREE Noor Kids book sent to you directly from Noor Kids, all you have to do is post a comment below. Mention something you like or think you will like about the Noor Kids books  :).

The winners will be chosen at random!

You can (optionally) get additional entries to improve your odds of winning by doing any or all of the following. (Note: you do NOT have to do any of the following extra options to enter, all you have to do is comment on this post. But if you also do any of the things below I’ll count those as additional entries for you). If you don’t use the same name on Facebook, reference your other identity (either in your comment on this post, or by sending me a note, so I know which additional entries to associate with you). One additional entry per action below (as long as you also comment on the blog post):

The Small Print, enlarged for visibility:

This is not the online “sample,” this is a real free Noor Kids book for you to keep! You will be contacted at the email address associated with your blog comment on this page (which is not publicly visible). Your email address will only used by me to notify you and by Noor Kids to contact you for your shipping info). You do not have to be in the US to win. The Noor Kids books are also enjoyed in several other countries!

There will be a total of FOUR winners so you have great chances! Additional entries as noted above increase chances of winning, but you can’t win more than one copy (same person will not win all four books), so if you also want to get a copy for a friend please have your friends enter too. Ditto if you hate Facebook but you still want to increase your chances of winning by having your friends win it for you… but I leave it up to you to wrestle it away from them!

Why Enter?

Noor Kids is wonderful for your own family, and if you don’t have kids, it is a great gift for a friend or relative to introduce them to the series (if you want to win it for yourself, that’s okay too! 😉 )  Noor Kids reports many non-muslims enjoy the series as well,  as a way to understand muslims and introduce diversity to their own kids or classrooms :).   If you already subscribe to Noor Kids and know how super great it is, take this opportunity to win one for someone you know, because I know you won’t be able to loan out your own kids’ issues!  (or, win an additional book for your family! :D).  It’s also a great publication for your child’s daycare or school, your business’s waiting area, your community library or masjid. Bottom line, EVERYONE should enter this contest. Right now. 😛

P.S. Moderation/spam control is on, so your comment *may* not appear below immediately, don’t despair.

Update: The deadline to enter this giveaway was Thursday, April 4th, 11:59pm PST. I have randomly picked the following winners out of all entries and bonus entries for the FOUR FREE BOOKS! 😀 Aalya, Tracy, anisah, and Nura! (pending confirmation by email…)


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19 Responses to Noor Kids Giveaway – Enter To Win A FREE “Noor Kids: A Light For Little Muslims” Book!

  1. Tracy says:

    Salam Alaykum sis, this is a very nice giveaway! I have been eyeing this series for some time now for my son! My name on facebook is Aiya Salim, I will try to do the additional entries inshallah. I don’t see the time frame for this, do you have a deadline date? Or perhaps I missed it. I hope not 😀

    Thank you for all your hardwork. Your blog is amazing and you have a lot of knowledge you so kindly share with us. I am glad to have found your blog through our mutual and beloved sisters blog 😀

    • qatheworld says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words! 😀 I’m glad you are entering! I haven’t set the deadline yet but it will be a couple weeks at least so please share with your friends 🙂 It really is a nice series!

      • Tracy says:

        You’re so awesome! Hmmm…if I share with my friends that would decrease my chances MWAHAHA no just kidding 😀

        I need to finish doing the other entries yikes life gets to me so quick lol. Guess what I did yesterday? I am so excited. I went to jumaah prayer for the first time at our local masjid. I was so nervous. I have been a revert for so long, but always been too scared to go. Unfortunately I had no clue what was going on, the service was done completely in Arabic I do plan to continue going though inshallah. It looks like the offer Arabic classes on the weekend so that is nice too. 😀

      • qatheworld says:

        If you share, comment, tag, etc on Facebook you get an extra entry for each of those things so it actually increases your chances 😀 Plus there are multiple copies being given away, let’s promote Noor Kids for this awesome offer! 🙂 They changed the way pages work on Facebook so it’s a lot harder to promote stuff that way, hence the “incentives” 😉 (hope you’ll all do the extras!)

        Congrats making it to jummah! I almost never go due to my work schedule and other things. Too bad it was in Arabic, I know going to a new masjid can be nerve-wracking enough! Maybe you can find out if they have English language sessions or classes at other times? I’m surprised they didn’t at least translate it into English, they do that here (I guess something I should be grateful about with my local mosques since I tend to complain about them lol :P)

  2. anisah says:

    Asalamu Alaykum sis,Thanx for this opportunity to win a free gift .My grandchildren are exposed to many stories in public school that doesn’t add value to their characters therefore i am happy when i come across islamic stories for them.Keep up the good work ,may ALLAH reward u and continue to bless ur efforts. ;]

  3. imaanii says:

    Salaam 🙂 I deleted the post since one of the people who are mad at me know about the blog, and I didn’t want her to see it. But I’m not sure if she’s mad at me or just frustrated because of the hand-in and I misunderstand and think that she’s mad at me.

    • qatheworld says:

      Well, it doesn’t always work but I guess all you can do is ask her 🙂 that is what I usually do and many times people deny it at first but later they admit the problem because they know you are open to hear about it, or you might find out about a totally different issue. Btw can I put you down for the Noor Kids giveaway as well? 😀

      • imaanii says:

        Yes please, I would very much like that 😀 Thanks :] Yes, I think you’re right. And then I can say sorry if I did something wrong too.

  4. Nura says:

    Assalamu Alaykum,

    This looks like such a wonderful book series. I love the vibrant illustrations and characters my children can relate to!
    My FB name is Nura Ahmad.

  5. Aalya says:

    Assalam alaikum…what a great giveaway…I would love the chance to get this as my kids don’t have any opportunities to get to see any islamic books…noor kids looks to be a great resource!
    My FB name is Aalya Ek – liked and shared all the pages! Great work here mashallah…wish you continued success!

    • qatheworld says:

      Aalya, I’ve had trouble getting in touch with you, please check for an email from me, or if you can’t find it you can contact me at qatheworld (at) 🙂

  6. freshta says:

    In a world where my children are surrounded with the social ways of american lifestyle, they need the foundation of Islam and its teaching so that they can be better gifts to Allah to those they plan to guide. If this book helps my child, then it can help their future in guiding others. I will be part of that guide as well. I have already like this page and also the Noor Kids page from before 🙂

  7. Tracy says:

    Salam sis. I tried to do the extra entries. I think I got them all, but I could not figure out how to tag a friend LOL> I am an old school dinosaur when it comes to using facebook 😛

    • qatheworld says:

      Lol 🙂 I’m happy to help. There are two ways to tag a friend: If you want to tag a friend in a comment, while you are writing the comment all you have to do is type the @ sign and their name in a comment. For example if your friend’s name is Sally Ally you do @Sally Ally (no space between the @ sign and their name). Then, the @ sign will disappear and it will look like a link (when it looks like a link, you know you’ve tagged her). Sometimes it brings up a little dropdown before it turns into the link with different ones of your friends that you can tag as soon as you start typing, then you just click on the friend’s name and it turns into the link.

      Another way to tag a friend is to click on a photo on facebook to open it (like the picture for the Noor Kids giveaway) and then when you hover over the picture look for a “tag friends” link at the bottom, but I’m not sure that works on pages, possibly only the comment method works on pages.

      Lemme know if you can’t get either of those to work! 🙂

  8. qatheworld says:

    I’m loving the participation, thank you all so much for being a part of it! Keep it going, invite your friends! 😀 I am setting the deadline for the contest. The deadline to enter this giveaway will be Thursday, April 4th, 11:59pm PST. Get your comments, shares, and likes in! I will (randomly) choose all 4 winners from all entries received by that time (insha’allah by the weekend following the 4th).

  9. qatheworld says:

    ….And the winners are… (da dun da daah…) Aalya, Tracy, anisah, and Nura! Please check your inbox (or spam folder) for an email from me, and reply to it to confirm your win! Once I have confirmations I’ll pass the winners on to Noor Kids so you can get your FREE books on their way soon! I’m so excited for you! 😀

  10. qatheworld says:

    One winner did not respond to several contact attempts to claim her prize, sooo…. After due course I decided to draw a new 4th winner (reminder all: PLEASE make sure you use a valid email address when entering a giveaway! Or if you choose not to claim a prize be sure to let it be known 🙂 No-shows are surprisingly common in the giveaway world. Another reason to enter even if you think you have little chance of winning!). Aalya, if you read this at some point, I am sorry I have not been able to get in touch with you here, by email, or on Facebook so as stated in my email I have to draw a new winner.

    Enough of that now. This is a time for celebration! The new 4th winner is…. Freshta! My heartiest congratulations! Please check your inbox (or spam folder) for an email from me, and reply to it to confirm your win! And welcome to Noor Kids! 😀

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