Preschoolers: Early preparation before learning Salat

Part of the Teaching Your Child Salat series

Before I got to the point of actually teaching my son how to pray salat, I did a few things to encourage his participation, and looking back it was helpful to lay this groundwork so it was much easier when it came time to learn. Here are some things you can do before it comes time to teach salat that may make it easier! Continue reading

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You have been warned about reading this book. Now you can read it.

I don’t often review adult books, in part because I hate reading “spoilers” about books. The other part is, I read a huge number of books and the idea of giving them equal attention in reviews is daunting. It’s one of those ideas that has so many steps and possibilities that it’s impossible to begin on the task. So I’m not going to try to review all the books I read/have read. However, I read a relevant book recently which has been on my mind, so I thought I’d mention my take on it in case someone else wants to read it. It has some good and entertaining points as well as some glaring issues… forewarned is forearmed and all that. Though you probably already have forearms.

“The Rosie Project” book by Graeme Simsion

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On Encouraging a Child’s Enthusiasm

Part of the Teaching Your Child Salat series

Don’t start unless you won’t stop?

Another sister had just finished telling me how she had discouraged her teenage daughter from wearing the hijab. “She asked me to wear it,” she said, “but I didn’t want her to put it on and then take it off again.” In my head, I reacted with astonishment. Isn’t any step closer to God a good step? Why would you discourage this? I mentally resolved that Continue reading

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Advice: How do I tell my husband I think he has Asperger’s?

Recently, one of my much-appreciated readers posted a question on my post about My “inside view” of Asperger’s on the “Parenthood” TV show. It was a question that I thought had broad appeal so I wanted to highlight it in its own blog post here!

anonymous asked: Thank you for this post. About five months ago a therapist suggested to me that perhaps my husband has Asperger’s. Continue reading

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Fluevog Shoe and Company Review

My relationship with Fluevog shoes got off to a bumpy start. I first learned about Fluevog from Rania’s blog at highlighting some delightfully unique “Victorian style” shoes (check out her post here for some drool worthy shoes from a variety of sources). While quite enamored of many of the shoes shown, I immediately fell in love with the “Fluevog’s Daydream Spring booties” from her post. She lamented that unfortunately there were no Fluevog outlets local to her.  I checked out the company and discovered, to my delight, that I DID have local options.

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