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You have been warned about reading this book. Now you can read it.

I don’t often review adult books, in part because I hate reading “spoilers” about books. The other part is, I read a huge number of books and the idea of giving them equal attention in reviews is daunting. It’s one of … Continue reading

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Advice: How do I tell my husband I think he has Asperger’s?

Recently, one of my much-appreciated readers posted a question on my post about Asperger’s on Parenthood. It was a question that I thought had broad appeal so I wanted to highlight it in its own blog post here! anonymous asked: “Thank you for this post. About five months ago a therapist suggested to me that perhaps my husband has Asperger’s…. If he does have Asperger’s, will finding out at this point make him feel better or worse, and any suggestions for how to bring it up without sounding accusatory and superior?” Continue reading

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Inside View: Looking at how “Parenthood” portrays Asperger’s

I was thinking about a lot of different things to post about. Like the constant soundtracks going in my head. All the time. Right now, it’s “I was in the house when the house burned down” by Warren Zevon. But … Continue reading

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“Imagine that…”: A horse of a different color

Imagine that as you are growing up, you start to have small incidents setting you apart from those around you because you can’t see the same colors they can. But in this world, NOBODY around you has ever heard of color blindness, including yourself. Continue reading

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