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“Ilyas and Duck Search for Allah” Children’s Book Review

At lunch, my son was pondering a number of theological questions, which he issued to me as usual as I hustled around with eggs and plates while trying to avoid knocking over the yogurt I had set up precariously draining on the counter. In between coming up with answers, I decided that after lunch would be the perfect time to pull out a copy of a book I recently was sent to review, called “Ilyas and Duck Search For Allah.” It was written by Omar Khawaja, a father of three, in response to his own children’s thought-provoking questions. While my son and I had discussed these questions before, you never know which approach will resonate at a particular time, and it was a good opportunity to try another take. Continue reading

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Noor Kids Giveaway – Enter To Win A FREE “Noor Kids: A Light For Little Muslims” Book!

The brilliant team at Noor Kids has generously offered to do a giveaway in cahoots with me 😀 I am really excited about this giveaway as the Noor Kids series is an AMAZING Islamic activity book/comic book series for “little muslims”… everybody should have it! On to the free stuff! To enter to win a FREE Noor Kids book direct from Noor Kids, please… Continue reading

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“Noor Kids: A Light For Little Muslims” Activity Book / Children’s Comic Book Series Review

“Mommy! Mommy! Noor Kids! Noor Kids!” There is not much else that generates the squealing, literally jumping-up-and-down excitement of a new Noor Kids book in my four-year-old son! He is absolutely in love with this series of books, which you might describe as a kid’s magazine or as it says on their site “activity book,” but I generally think of as a comic book.
Noor Kids is a different type of comic which fills a gap that I have really not found to be filled by any other book or series! It is specifically geared towards American Muslim Kids between the ages of 3 and 8. Coincidentally, I have one of those :P. As such, I have not seen any other material that comes close. Continue reading

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Preschoolers: Early preparation before learning Salat

Part of the Teaching Your Child Salat series Before I got to the point of actually teaching my son how to pray salat, I did a few things to encourage his participation, and looking back it was helpful to lay … Continue reading

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