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Lemon Poppyseed Muffin in a Mug – with True Lemon

Some years back, I discovered a chocolate “cake in a cup” recipe online to make a one-serving (or two, if you have a friend handy) instant cake in the microwave. Chocolate cake in a cup was SOOO good, that for the longest time I could see no reason to pursue any other cake-in-a-cup flavor. After all, when chocolate cake is constantly, instantly, available, why would I ever eat any other flavor of cake? But recently, I was again lamenting the local unavailability of lemon poppyseed muffins, and it occurred to me that cake in a cup didn’t have to be just cake… Continue reading

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World’s Easiest, Fastest, and Best Hamburger Buns

I’ve been somewhat behind on posting and I have a huge list of other things I’m supposed to be blogging about, but then, I found this recipe today that I have to write about. It’s just so quick and easy and logical that it CANNOT go unwritten-about, even though I had no intention of doing so. Continue reading

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Asanea Gifts Miniature Toy Food Review

I have been meaning for some time to highlight and review a delightful company I discovered before Ramadan called Asanea Gifts! As you may know if you happen to follow me on Facebook, this year I decided to make a … Continue reading

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SO Delicious Coconut Milk “Ice Cream” Review: Chocolate

I was buying some SO Delicious Coconut Milk today at the store and I noticed it had a coupon attached for a dollar off their new “ice cream” (aka Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert) product. Then I remembered, I had been meaning … Continue reading

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Arctic Zero “Ice Cream Replacement” Product Review: Mint Chocolate Cookie & Chocolate Peanut Butter

I decided to sample a new kind of ice cream: Arctic Zone. The reasoning behind this mixed a thwarted desire for ice cream with the fact that this ice cream had a very low calorie count (150 per pint) without containing particularly mysterious ingredients. Continue reading

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