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Danielle Roasted Coconut Chips Review

I may have found the perfect food. My brain is even still stumbling over the signals to and from my mouth in an attempt to even describe the amazingness that is Danielle Roasted Coconut Chips. Delectable comes to mind. Decadent. Scrumptious. Continue reading

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Battle of the Marshmallows

As I mentioned in my previous review, I have long sought a halal version of small marshmallows for floating in my hot chocolate. So the other day at an international food market, I happened to pick up a couple of new varieties. I also happened to pick up a new kind of cocoa. When I got home, I realized that I also had another bag of mini marshmallows in the cupboard which I had purchased at a different store some time ago and never gotten around to opening. I had the makings of a showdown! Continue reading

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Elyon Mini Marshmallows

I was delighted to run across these mini marshmallows today at Whole Foods Market. Normally, I buy halal marshmallows of various brands (recently Ziyad, for example), which are available at several local stores. However, they only come in the normal “large” marshmallow size. Mock me if you like, but I have wearied of tearing up my normal sized marshmallows into 4 segments (which is about as small as I can manage without getting major marshmallow fingers) to float in my hot chocolate. Continue reading

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