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You have been warned about reading this book. Now you can read it.

I don’t often review adult books, in part because I hate reading “spoilers” about books. The other part is, I read a huge number of books and the idea of giving them equal attention in reviews is daunting. It’s one of … Continue reading

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Analysis of a Singles Event

I started preparing for an event at which I could possibly meet my future spouse in the most time-tested way: Beginning several days beforehand with a classic case of PMS including light depression that spelled almost certain doom for humanity … Continue reading

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Mothers’ Rights

I wrote this awhile ago (2009) but didn’t get around to publishing it here (I know, I know). Serious post this time. Just a musing… not amusing. 😛 heehee. Okay enough. It is serious! In thirteen days I will be … Continue reading

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