Don’t like to try new things? I will do it for you! Looking for new things to try? Get ideas here. I review various and sundry items of life, thereby helping you to seek out positive new experiences and escape the less savory.  I especially like to try new halal foods and hijab-friendly clothing from both local and online stores!

I also perform a quality review of the other issues encountered in my general life. These tend to include my analysis of social interaction peculiarities flavored with Asperger’s and my difficulty in recognizing people accurately, and the unpredictable path of the single mother.


4 Responses to About

  1. imaanii says:

    Salaam sis 🙂 I like your blog very much. Thanks for visiting me and for your nice comments 🙂 It means a lot. Have a nice week inshaAllah. Salaam from Noora.

  2. imaanii says:

    Salaam 🙂 Do you remember we talked about wrap hijabs? I found one I thought you might like: http://www.ilovemodesty.com/concept-low-waist-faux-wrap-dress-1308.html I haven’t ordered from them before, I just read about them in another blog.

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