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How to Teach Your Child Salat

The “Teaching Your Child Salat” series: I’ve made a collection of posts about our own process that I used to teach my son salat, in hopes that it may help others as well. Advertisements

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Advice: How do I tell my husband I think he has Asperger’s?

Recently, one of my much-appreciated readers posted a question on my post about Asperger’s on Parenthood. It was a question that I thought had broad appeal so I wanted to highlight it in its own blog post here! anonymous asked: “Thank you for this post. About five months ago a therapist suggested to me that perhaps my husband has Asperger’s…. If he does have Asperger’s, will finding out at this point make him feel better or worse, and any suggestions for how to bring it up without sounding accusatory and superior?” Continue reading

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Salat Learning Resources

Part of the Teaching Your Child Salat series I looked online for some guides that talk through the salat in order to teach my son all the steps, but I didn’t find the resources completely¬†satisfactory.

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Overcoming Obstacles to Teaching Your Child Salat

Part of the Teaching Your Child Salat series Questions that had come to my mind before I ever embarked on this was, how can I ¬†possibly teach my son salat? I’ve never taught anyone salat. I don’t speak very much … Continue reading

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Preschoolers: Early preparation before learning Salat

Part of the Teaching Your Child Salat series Before I got to the point of actually teaching my son how to pray salat, I did a few things to encourage his participation, and looking back it was helpful to lay … Continue reading

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