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Paint Splatter Philosophy

A friend I had used to say I was overly fond of analogies. I concede the point. There are many things that the more I compare them, the more comparisons suggest themselves, and the funnier and more perfect it seems, … Continue reading

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Prosopagnosia in Literature, and the Strange Importance of Photos

“Oh, you don’t know what this means to me,” he said brokenly at last. “I hadn’t any picture of him. And I’m not like other folks… I can’t recall a face…. I can’t see faces as most folks do in their mind.” I was re-reading an old series: the well-known Anne of Green Gables books, when I was surprised to discover a character with prosopagnosia! Continue reading

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Talk About, Talk About, Talk About Movin’

I think one of the strongest guiding principles in my life is to do The Right Thing. The difficulty, then, usually comes not so much in doing it, though that may present challenges, but in figuring out what the right thing for me is at that time… Continue reading

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A Question Of Hijab?

A Question Of Hijab? Tackling it from a comic angle. Continue reading

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Let’s Not Shake On It

I was reading a post by another Muslim lady about the awkward situation of being expected to shake hands with men, especially at work. Once I got going on my reply, I realized I’d considerably outwritten the original question, as so often happens, so I decided to post my tips on their own. Maybe it will help someone else as well 🙂 Continue reading

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