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Splashgear Full-Coverage Swimsuit Review

In my recent review of the Alsharifa suit, I mentioned my current suit from Splashgear, which generated a fair amount of questions! Since this is the suit I’ve actually been using, though I’m now looking for another one, I decided it might be helpful to do a review of Splashgear’s suit options, pros and cons. Splashgear occupies a niche in the full-coverage swimsuit world which I consider rather unique amongst the muslim-friendly options! Continue reading

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Alsharifa Full-Coverage Swimsuit Review: Laguna

I finally went ahead and ordered another “full coverage” swimsuit. After poking around online a bit, I decided to try Alsharifa this time. They had a lot of information about their suits (including positive reviews) on their websites, which is always a plus. Also, their suits came in at about $100 for top and bottom (with shipping and minus the coupon I found with a quick search online). Continue reading

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