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You have been warned about reading this book. Now you can read it.

I don’t often review adult books, in part because I hate reading “spoilers” about books. The other part is, I read a huge number of books and the idea of giving them equal attention in reviews is daunting. It’s one of … Continue reading

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Prosopagnosia in Literature, and the Strange Importance of Photos

“Oh, you don’t know what this means to me,” he said brokenly at last. “I hadn’t any picture of him. And I’m not like other folks… I can’t recall a face…. I can’t see faces as most folks do in their mind.” I was re-reading an old series: the well-known Anne of Green Gables books, when I was surprised to discover a character with prosopagnosia! Continue reading

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Face Value

Imagine a world where everyone has their face completely covered and obscured. To recognize people, you have to remember what their hands look like. Some are easy… you don’t mix up old wrinkly hands with young and plump (until they age…). If their hands are different colors, if some of them are roughened with work, if some of them always have a certain sweet-smelling lotion, if some of them fidget nervously all the time in a certain way, if some of them have a particular ring or bracelet, and others have a joint missing, or hairy knuckles, or perfectly manicured nails, these are your clues. Those unique ones stand out, perhaps, in a sea of dissimilar hands. But what about the rest of the hands? Many of them could belong to seemingly anyone, until you’ve acquainted yourself with them thoroughly and memorized the very prints. That is how difficult it is for me to sort out faces. Continue reading

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