Advice: How do I tell my husband I think he has Asperger’s?

Recently, one of my much-appreciated readers posted a question on my post about My “inside view” of Asperger’s on the “Parenthood” TV show. It was a question that I thought had broad appeal so I wanted to highlight it in its own blog post here!

anonymous asked: Thank you for this post. About five months ago a therapist suggested to me that perhaps my husband has Asperger’s. Continue reading

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Fluevog Shoe and Company Review

My relationship with Fluevog shoes got off to a bumpy start. I first learned about Fluevog from Rania’s blog at highlighting some delightfully unique “Victorian style” shoes (check out her post here for some drool worthy shoes from a variety of sources). While quite enamored of many of the shoes shown, I immediately fell in love with the “Fluevog’s Daydream Spring booties” from her post. She lamented that unfortunately there were no Fluevog outlets local to her.  I checked out the company and discovered, to my delight, that I DID have local options.

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Paint Splatter Philosophy

A friend I had used to say I was overly fond of analogies. I concede the point. There are many things that the more I compare them, the more comparisons suggest themselves, and the funnier and more perfect it seems, until everything is wrapped up in this analogy! So I perhaps used them over much. I tried to tone them down since then.

But this one was just too strong.

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Prosopagnosia in Literature, and the Strange Importance of Photos

I was re-reading an old series: the well-known Anne of Green Gables books, when I was surprised to discover a character with prosopagnosia! I’ve written about this condition before as I have this problem myself, a difficulty or inability to recognize people from their faces. Here are some relevant excerpts, from “Anne of Windy Poplars”  by L.M. Montgomery (book 4):
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Talk About, Talk About, Talk About Movin’

I think one of the strongest guiding principles in my life is to do The Right Thing. The difficulty, then, usually comes not so much in doing it, though that may present challenges, but in figuring out what the right thing for me is at that time. Sometimes, external influence helps to cloud what I internally truly believe is the right thing, sometimes, it’s internal self-deception or fear. I don’t count lack of knowledge, because knowledge can change what the right thing is… you have to do the right thing with the knowledge you currently have… to seek more as possible, yes, but you can only work with what you can know or figure out.

These last couple of months then, have been a period of a lot of change and upheaval, in putting aside my fears and anxieties and expectations and digging down another layer into what I truly thought was Continue reading

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